Get The Refreshing Fruit Designs On Your Extra Wide Ironing Board Cover

Ironing Board Covers are probably the best thing discovered for ironing of clothes. They give you a fast and comfortable experience. But, an ironing board without a cover is just like a bed without a bed sheet. Extra large Ironing Board Cover add an attractive look to your ironing board and have several benefits too.

Latest in the market are Fruits Ironing Board Covers that are available in various designs, prints and have classic color scheme.

Benefits Of Using Ironing Board Cover:

  • Ironing board covers make your ironing process easier.
  • Your clothes are never left singed.
  • It helps you make your ironing process faster saving time and electricity.
  • You can add beautiful colors and designs to your boring ironing board with ironing board covers.

Product Description :

  • They offer good thermal resistance thus enhancing the ironing process, reduces time taken to iron clothes, and saves on electricity.
  • Covers are perfectly designed to best fit the ironing boards.
  • The product is manufactured with high quality material and tested under adverse conditions. It can easily withstand high temperatures, up to 250 degrees Celsius.
  • Cover can be easily attached and removed from your ironing board with an adjustment band.
  • 3mm of extra foam padding, reduces the resistance between the cloth and the surface providing a smooth ironing experience.

Fruits extra wide Ironing Board Cover are available in soothing prints and vivid colors, and are easily an added highlight to any room. You can choose one to suit your home decor. Order your ironing board cover today with easy home delivery options at